Merry Christmas to All! {Our Gift to You, A Free Download} 

Hello, everyone!  It's impossible for me to convey just how much I love the Christmas season.  The music, the smells, the shopping, the love in the air.  I do my very best to drag it out for as long as possible.  I'm the guy humming along to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer when the stores start playing Christmas music in October.  I love it.  So when my friends at Be The Match asked me to record a song for their annual fund-raising Christmas album, I jumped at the chance.  Matt Everson, Jess Vraspir, and I booked a two hour block in a studio the next day and recorded one of my all time favorite classic Xmas tunes.  My Grandpa Verne loved Roger Miller.  The song "Old Toy Trains" is one that takes me back to being 8 years old again.  Our rendition is very close to the original, the one major change being in the final chorus.  Abby Hawkey would not stand for the idea of the song only being for boys, thus the change to "little GIRL toys".  I hope Mr. Miller is not offended up in Heaven.  
Now that the Be The Match CD has been for sale for some time, we decided to go ahead and make our version of Old Toy Trains available for free to all of you.  It's the season of giving, after all.  I hope you like what you hear.  I hope you also will go to and register so that you might save a life someday.  Mostly, I hope that this is your best Christmas Ever.  I hope you give everyone you love Exactly what they always wanted.  I hope it snows just enough to coat the grass in your yard.  I hope that you are with the ones you Love the most.  I hope you go to bed Christmas Night with a tear in your eye as you look back on a perfect day with your family.  
God Bless.  Merry Christmas!