Hello and welcome to the beginning of the next chapter of my musical life!

“Good Liar” is the very first single from my new album “SHINE”, which is now available everywhere.  This is the first taste of a collection of music that we have been creating for the past 12 months.  I can’t wait for you to hear.  I’ve named the record “SHINE” because it is my hope that you feel the warmth and joy of the creative process each time you hear one of these songs, whether live or through your speakers.  It was a struggle to find the right name for this project until I saw one of the pictures Kelly (Kix Photography) took of our show at Ramble Jam this past September.  I was very sick that day, but you don’t see that.  You see the sun sinking, the crowd smiling, and the beams of joy shining from the depths of my soul.  Those moments are gifts and I’m so grateful that Kelly is there to capture them so that we can continue to share them long after the speakers have gone quiet and the stage has moved on down the road.  I feel like we have captured that same joy on this record.  Within these songs lie the heartbreak and the happiness of human existence; the moments that remind us that we are alive. 

My hope is that you feel the connection.  I hope you feel the joy Shine upon you.

Download "Good Liar" here: