Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, 

2023 is starting off strong with the fun news that Rocket Club has reunited.  If you haven’t heard our music, check out our catalog wherever you listen to music.  I think you'll like what you hear and be excited for what's to come.  For those of you who were a part of our last adventure, we can’t wait to see you again. 

Today we announced our spring Rocket Club tour and we have new music coming on February 1.  Be the first to hear about our shows and buy tickets through our newsletter. Sign up at Rocketclub.band.  Also make sure you are following along on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  While you are there, I am trying out this Instagram thing too @chrishawkeykfan. 

I am so excited about the music and being back with the “Boys in the Band.”  If you are wondering about The Fabulous Armadillos and The Chris Hawkey Band, the answer is YES.  I'll still be doing shows with both of those bands as well. It's gonna be a busy 2023! 

Thank you to everyone that came to one of our CHB year-end shows.  It was a fantastic end to way to say goodbye to 2022 and board the next ship for 2023.  What a fun few nights! 

There's more to say but I have three bands to rehearse with, so I gotta go.  Stay tuned.  There's SO much more to come. 

It's ALL Happening!